Selection of interesting news from last week’s top headlines in the blockchain space.

Having already been at all-time highs at the beginning of the week, the prices of all major cryptocurrencies continued to surge. Bitcoin hit an all-time high just over $1600, according to, adding over a billion dollars to its market cap on May 4 alone. Litecoin officially activated SegWit last week, which seemed to encourage investors, with its price almost doubling during the week.

Dash passed $100, as did Ether, making Ether's market cap around $2.4 billion greater than it was at the beginning of the week.

The price of Ripple more than doubled, while Ether Classic and Monero both grew vigorously and hit all-time highs.

Vinay Gupta, 'global resilience guru', project manager for Ethereum, and polymath, released an essay explaining the significance of Ethereum in the emerging technological world.

Jihan Wu, the co-founder of Bitmain, the mining hardware company at the heart of the ASICBOOST controversy, has tweeted that he didn't pay much attention to ASICBOOST before the controversy and "may likely" accept a code change that shuts it down.

In the same way some people accused Jihan Wu of opposing SegWit because he held patents, the founder of The Pirate Party, Rick Falkvinge, recently accused Blockstream of supporting SegWit because they have patents in SegWit or related technology.

Bitpay, the leading company for Bitcoin payments at point-of-sale, tweeted on May 2 that they have partnered with Jihan Wu's Bitmain. The tweet was met with a storm of criticism.

Onecoin's credibility continues to nosedive, with one organizer being put under house arrest in Kazakhstan.

A month after the government officially recognized and regulated Bitcoin, more than 10 new cryptocurrency exchanges have sprung up in Japan, indicating the country's willingness to be at the forefront of the developing industry.

Tokencard launched their ICO on Tuesday. A statement later that day announced that there was a bug in the software, allowing some investors to buy their tokens at a greatly discounted rate. One buyer bought 15% of the total market cap at this discounted rate, according to a Reddit post.

The World Bank has issued a new report about how blockchain technology can develop a stable and usable financial services industry in Kenya. Such a project would build on the success of the Kenyan governments sale of bonds through a mobile app called M-Akiba.

Craig Wright, the man who may be Satoshi Nakamoto, will work on Bitcoin development, competing with Blockstream, in a new company called nChain, according to Reuters.

The Ethereum team launched their name-registration service on May 4. This will hopefully replace the buggy DNS system that the internet currently uses for naming. You can buy a .eth domain name over the next eight weeks.

Wipro, a giant Indian IT services company, has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, according to a company press release. The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, formed in March 2017, is a think-tank of industry players talking about the implementation of blockcahin technology.

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