Andreas Antonopolous received ~$1.5 million in bitcoin donations the past week - for a community that is constantly portrayed as divided, it was an impressive display of solidarity.

Andreas Antonopoulos is easily one of the most valuable people in the cryptocurrency space. From the early days, he has made it his mission to propagate Bitcoin to the masses, breaking the technical aspects down into much more palatable explanations − he was the ideal candidate to introduce cryptocurrency to the Canadian Senate. Antonopoulos was one of the evangelists that attracted me to crypto, and one whose work I recommend to beginners and seasoned veterans alike.

One of the unwritten laws of the crypto space is that, at any given moment, there always has to be one loud challenger to the Bitcoin network receiving far too much attention. So far, we’ve seen everything from terrified bankers fearing the collapse of financial institutions to egomaniacs attempting to derail the network for their own gain. Since the spectacular implosion of the Segwit2x, the latest opponent to resurface is Roger Ver − an entrepreneur who was best known for funding a range of Bitcoin startups in its earlier days, but has since shifted his focus to spearheading adoption of Bcash. Other notable achievements include a conviction for selling explosives and getting outraged when people don’t use the ‘official’ name for a purportedly decentralised currency.

When Ver decided to shame Antonopoulos for not being a millionaire, despite his early interest and evangelization of Bitcoin, the community reacted. A few days ago, the following exchange occurred on Twitter:

Antonopoulos elaborated further on his Patreon, explaining that most of the Bitcoin he’d once owned had been sold to free himself and his family of debt, as most of his initial work in the space was unpaid. In what I can only assume was a mix of hatred for Ver and admiration for Antonopoulos, donations began to flood in. Andreas’ bitcoin address began to receive transaction after transaction, as the community took to Twitter to express their appreciation. One user donated 37 BTC, and followed up with a further 42. At the time of writing, the transactions received over the past week have totaled approximately 100 BTC, worth ~$1.5 million at bitcoin's current rate. For a community that is constantly portrayed as divided, it was an impressive display of solidarity.

I think I speak for all of us at Crypto Insider when I, too, say thank you Andreas. You’ve been a longstanding pillar of the community and one whose work, as the past week has demonstrated, has not gone unnoticed.

12/12/2017 17h55 UTC - the article has been modified to correct the amount of BTC Andreas received over the past week.

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