Palau World, a brand new luxurious resort in the Pacific Ocean, will be one of the first offline businesses in the world to incorporate blockchain technology, through the RAcoin token. RAcoin, a native token of RA Entertainment Inc. will be accepted as a payment unit in Palau World and will bring its owners a huge number of benefits and first-class discounts.

Palau World is created for those who value the best possible recreation and entertainment in a real tropical heaven. This is a perfect place to escape from everyday life and spend amazing holidays recharging and replenishing. Palau can give you everything you have ever dreamed of — secluded beaches, tropical views, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, mind-blowing scuba-diving, exciting yachting, and delicious regional cuisine. Large-scale construction, building a luxury 5-star hotel with a grand casino, will start in the near future on Ngerekebesang Hamlet — an island in the state of Koror, Palau.

RA Entertainment Inc. is the only company across the county that can offer any form of legal commercial gambling. This sets the Palau World Casino and Hotel far ahead of any competitors. In addition, since Palau World is a premier class accommodation, yacht and private plane renting services will be available to hotel guests.     

Palau World combines the mystery of the past with the innovation of the present. It is probably the only place in the world, where one has the unique opportunity to choose their preferred payment method — paying with RAcoin and getting the best offers and deals or paying with traditional fiat currency. Palau World is the resort of your dreams and will make you forget about the problems of modern life.    

Another great privilege and opportunity of RAcoin is the jackpot participation. It will be played out each time the special standalone account accumulates 100,000 RAcoin. Along with the iterative "operation" jackpot there will be a one-time "crowd sale prize" from the "token sale" jackpot, exclusively designed for token purchasers, which will launch at the end of the public token sale.

RAcoin's business model creates a win-win cooperation for both the company and the customers. It's no secret that stable cash flow helps businesses grow and improve. Customers, in turn, get a smart and transparent loyalty program with a flexible discount system. This results in forming sustainable consumption habits. Moreover, having the blockchain technology fully integrated in the business makes it innovative and non-reachable for many competitors. RA Entertainment Inc. believes that customers will appreciate the blockchain economy as it gives greater opportunities to save money and time.    

Participate in the token sale to get the tokens that will bring you to heaven on Earth — Palau World!

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