Wyoming, USA June 25, 2018 — ChainRift, the simple, secure and easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange has officially launched. This is following extensive penetration testing, optimization and multiple UI/UX overhauls. Built with the everyday user in mind — the trading platform has been as simple as possible without stripping away any necessary features.

Alongside an active bug bounty and the highest paying referral program at 50% commission, ChainRift boasts three cornerstone features:

Intuitive Interface

The trading platform has gone through multiple iterations leading up to the current version — and we’re not done yet! Being on the leading edge of technology, ChainRift is constantly growing and evolving, and your feedback is integral to that process.

Secure Storage

Securing user funds and private information is ChainRift’s number one priority. Our experienced team is constantly monitoring and improving the infrastructure to minimize and eliminate potential attack vectors.

Real-time Trading

No feature bloat. Minimal clicking necessary to get trading done in a quick but effective manner. We facilitate trading between bitcoin and ethereum as well as multiple smaller market cap coins which we have identified to have their own utilities. If the coin you’re interested in trading is not on our list, then go ahead and fill out our coin addition request form.

Check out a more detailed list of ChainRift’s value proposition via its Features page.

Plans to add popular EOS airdrop tokens

In line with our collaborative commitment as an EOS block producer candidate, ChainRift intends to add all popular EOS airdrop tokens onto the exchange as per community demand.

For example, eosDAC has already been added and is currently tradable on the exchange platform.


ChainRift: https://www.chainrift.com/

Blog: https://medium.com/@chainrift

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/F8igdhAWHmc-9ofgY29dPg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chainrift

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Chainrift-478946299144430/

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About 21MIL

ChainRift was launched by 21MIL, a Bitcoin-focused technical consultancy startup. With the slogan “In crypto we trust — we build products and services Bitcoin users deserve”, 21MIL is dedicated to giving back to the community it grew from.

Press contact:

Laurie Stein — Community Manager / Head of Support

[email protected]

Daniel Dalton — Business Development

[email protected]

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Register at: https://www.chainrift.com/

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