Philip Rosedale, founder of Second Life, talks to Crypto Insider about stablecoins, the application of blockchain to virtual economies and his new virtual world software, High Fidelity.

During Blockchain Week in New York, I sat down with Philip Rosedale, the founder of Second Life, a virtual world with a level of economic activity comparable to Dominica.

We talked about his new virtual world software High Fidelity, about stablecoins, the application of blockchain to virtual economies, and finished by revealing the ultimate nature of reality.

Useful links

Economy of Second Life

Digital asset registry of High Fidelity


Bill Tai – 5:44

VR Blockchain Alliance – 12:45

Elements – 13:20

EOS – 13:28

Decentraland – 13:55

Converting MANA into LAND – 15:22

Leland Stanford – 18:00

Fred Ehrsam – 19:03

VRLA - 24:52

Rubber hand illusion – 27:00

Planck's constant – 28:13

Tunneling – 28:31

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Conor O’Higgins has been a digital nomad for seven years. He learned the internet marketing game with Google and Facebook ads, but in the wake of the Snowden revelations, abandoned that to help marketing and communications for a more decentralized, encrypted internet. He is not a fan of current implementations of social media, but can be contacted through

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