On new beginnings and lessons learnt over the past year

A year and half ago, we launched Crypto Insider. Thanks to our team of small but highly motivated writers, the publication enjoyed 100K+ active readers at its peak and became one of the most reliable outlets for cryptocurrency news.

Here are some of our top posts in no particular order:

SPLIT: Thoughts on BIP148, UASF, SegWit, Bitcoin, Life, the Universe and Everything

A beginner’s guide to “Bitcoin Independence Day”

We had our ups and downs. We lost our original domain name in an unfortunate incident where we learned valuable lessons regarding the reasons why contract laws exist. We witnessed with enthusiasm how Twitter and Medium rapidly decentralized the news industry, and made it better.

Based on feedback from our readers, and learning from our experience, we are launching a research/analytical/investigative outlet under our sister brand, ChainRift, powered by Medium!

Despite no longer being maintained, the Crypto Insider site will continue to stay online, and all old hyperlinks will continue to work.

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