Proponents of the altcoin Bcash continue to push propaganda in attempts to claim the Bitcoin brand name, shifting their narrative to "Bitcoin Legacy" from "Bitcoin Core"

Rick Falkvinge announced that BlockExplorer dot com will now label Bcash (BCH) as Bitcoin (BTC), with the intention to eventually phase the latter out of their domain. The announcement comes with an attempt to push Bitcoin's brand name into a fictional "Bitcoin Legacy".

It's a point of contention whether Rick Falkvinge has recently claimed the BlockExplorer domain in an attempt to further push Bcash propaganda, or had earlier ownership of it. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency influencer "WhalePanda" believes the former:

As hinted above, this announcement in addition to changed ownership of the @Bitcoin Twitter handle reveals that this may be part of a continued attack by Bcash proponents to mislead newcomers in the space. The main shift from previous narrative is a change in labeling the Bitcoin chain from "Bitcoin Core" to "Bitcoin Legacy".

Propaganda escalating as Lightning Network nears production ready stage

Some members of the Bitcoin community believe that the increased attacks are indicative of desperate measures as the Lightning Network (LN) nears a production ready stage. Full implementation of the LN on the Bitcoin main net will entirely nullify Bcash's sole value proposition as a more cost-effective way to transact currency (which already overlaps with dozens of other cryptocurrencies that have larger blocks and are under-utilized).

Bitcoin evangelist and journalist Beautyon's thoughts on the announcement by Rick Falkvinge

Similar sentiments are reflected by a member of the community in a separate Twitter thread

As mentioned in Crypto Insider's earlier coverage on Bitcoin dot com as a Bcash propaganda tool, we can expect more propaganda to come out as parties get bribed, bought out, or simply indoctrinated. It's important to reiterate that there is no issue with an altcoin claiming to have greater utility than Bitcoin. This is the beauty of a permisionless and open market that open source protocols and cryptocurrencies grant. However, it's essential to respond appropriatetly and combat misinformation that can mislead new entrants in the space. In doing our part,  it's safe to say the BlockExplorer can now join Bitcoin dot com and @Bitcoin in the long list of bad actors:

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