Cryptocurrency exchange wants to help France position itself as one of the leading blockchain hubs in Europe.

Cryptocurrency exchange wants to help France position itself as one of the leading blockchain hubs in Europe.

A brief introduction to the blockchain regulations in France

France stance with regards to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has been unstable so far. Last year the AMF, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (Financial Markets Authority), showed some warming signs regarding cryptocurrencies. But recently civil servant Jean-Pierre Landau, named Monsieur Bitcoin, claimed it was unnecessary to regulate Bitcoin.

The French government stated that France would not miss the blockchain revolution. As a result, France has now changed its views on blockchain and crypto assets. Earlier this year, France lowered taxes on Bitcoin from 45 percent to 19 percent, following a new classification of Bitcoin as “movable property” by the Council of State.

Furthermore, France is currently working toward a new legal framework to regulate ICOs and cryptocurrencies in France. Crypto operators who wish to launch an ICO shall follow some specific guidelines and apply for a permit issued by the AMF. This framework aims at providing investors with regulated ICOs, to limit risks and let crypto investment flourish.

Yet, the legal framework doesn't define precisely the taxation of crypto assets in the country. It does not propose Bitcoin as a means of payment neither. At present, crypto assets are largely unregulated in France.

Why can bring France at the forefront of the blockchain economy

At the heartbeat of the Internet of Value, brings a compliant, secure ecosystem to crypto investors.

First,, backed by Paymium, wants to be a leading European crypto exchange platform. A renowned web-based exchange platform, Paymium has been reliable over the last years.

Second, offers world-class crypto assets trading tools for traders and investors. The platform provides highly secure crypto assets storage. will store users funds securely using both online and offline solutions, with hot and cold wallet capabilities.

Third, in order to build an active community of enthusiastic crypto investors, will allow users to vote on ICO projects. Enabling votes on the platform gives trust and transparency over projects for investors.

Fourth, to support new ICOs, the French startup will offer tailored marketing programs for token launches. The comprehensive ICO service will incorporate planning and execution of ICO campaigns.

Companies such as seem poised to redefine the future of blockchain technology and the crypto industry in France. Once the French government allows crypto payments in the country, a large number of businesses could turn to The company has already the capabilities to respond to crypto demand in the country.

By providing marketing programs to support ICOs, could boost the crypto economy in France. Finally, successful ICOs projects supervised by could help secure France's position as a leading blockchain hub.

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